EON Energy Tariffs versus British GasQuite recently, it was announced that the prices of British Gas will increase by as much as 10%. When there’s increasing austerity, lesser jobs, and failing wages, a large number of people might be quite upset with this tariff increase.

But according to British Gas, the prices have increased simply because a large amount is invested in buying energy on international markets, delivering gas to the homes of customers and the green levies imposed by the government. EON Energy, on the other hand, has recently announced new tariff cuts because of their renewable energy initiative.

Assuming that the facts stated are completely legitimate, the ultimate solution would be to join EON Energy to find alternative energy sources that are cheaper to obtain and can easily be delivered to customers’ homes. At the same time, we also need to ensure that these fuels and energy sources do not produce more pollutants or green house gases. Let’s take a look at how EON Energy plans to help the environment as well as its customers.

EON Energy Renewable Sources Initiative

One affordable and abundant source of renewable energy is wind power. While many would contend this idea stating that wind power is generated from the wind farms that are huge, unwieldy and noisy, this can indeed be a great solution as the benefits of using wind power outweighs the disadvantages.

Wind energy will not pollute the air like the power plants that depend on the combustion of coal or natural gas. These turbines also do not produce any atmospheric emissions that result in an increase in greenhouse gases or acid rain.

Most importantly, the supply of wind from the North Sea is strong and nearly endless. Over the last 10 years, the cumulative capacity of wind power has increased by more than 30% per year. This further indicates that this energy can easily be procured and distributed to homes around the UK.

Solar Power by E.ONSolar energy is another clean alternative energy source and is widely harnessed in many places around the world. Considering the vast number of benefits, solar energy can indeed be utilized as a sustainable source of electricity. The best method for making this possible is by utilizing sunlight which acts on the photovoltaic cells to produce electricity. The flat plate versions of these cells can be mounted on the buildings without requiring any aesthetic intrusion or special support.

The oceans also provide a massive amount of energy potential as tidal energy has already been harnessed in France, South Korea and Russia. It can be achieved in other areas that have a relatively high tidal range. The trapped water can be used for turning the turbines as water is released through the tidal barrage in any direction. Although this technology has relatively lesser potential in the UK due to environmental constraints, The Natural Energy Wyre in the has already come up with a detailed consortium to develop Eco Therp. This 90 MW tidal barrage plant will have about six turbines on the river Wyre. The plan is set to be in full swing by 2020.

Biomass boilers are a renewable and sustainable alternative to the fossil fuel boilers. Biomass is carbon neutral and also incredibly cheap. The biomass system quickly burns the renewable and easily replaceable sources of wood. When the wood is completely burnt it releases only the amount of carbon dioxide that was absorbed by the tree while it was growing. This is one of the easiest and the most affordable sources of renewable energy that can be adopted by the British Gas to generate electricity.

EON Customer Service Contact For Reduced Tariffs

UK carbon budget 2008 - 2027One of the main reasons for producing sustainable energy would be its affordability, and if you’re ready to make the switch from British Gas to EON Energy, you can contact EON here to save on your tariff and help the environment by ringing 0870 280 5467. When you produce sustainable energy you will have to purchase lesser amounts of energy. Additionally, according to the Feed In Tariff plan from the gas company, you will get a payment for producing every unit of electricity generated from the sustainable sources. You can also get an additional payment for the surplus electricity that can be exported to grids. Heat Technologies can also pay you under the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Renewable energy also helps you to meet the carbon reduction targets by reducing your overall carbon emissions. This is also extremely useful when followed by your organization, as it helps in enhancing the environmental leadership profile of your organization.

Generating energy from sustainable sources also makes it easier for you to plan and scheme your energy requirements. Therefore this measure should be adapted by both organizations and masses for environment friendly and affordable sources of electricity.