Choosing The Right Chicken Coop

Chicken rearing is one of the things you can easily achieve provided you have a small space to install your chicken coop. Anyone with some outdoor space around their quarters can keep chicken without worrying about the elements of weather, wild animals and pests. All you need is a top quality sturdy coop that has enough room for your chicken to brood and walk around. Finding chicken coops is never a daunting task particularly since there are numerous retailers and constructors. You can also design and construct your own chicken coop if you have the tools and technical know-how although it is advisable to choose professionals who can effectively handle the assignment. One good thing about using professionals is their accountability and guarantees. They must provide the agreed quality coops and will replace or refund any deliveries that do not impress you on arrival. What’s more, finished coops are not any more expensive than DIY options. In fact, they save you more time and effort as they come complete with no need for extra installation or handwork.

How to choose a chicken coop

Chicken coops come in different designs, sizes and materials. The size you choose will depend on how many chickens you have and design choice are simply preferential. Some people like portable chicken coops while others go for slanted roofs, welded wire fox proofing, expandable sheds and walk-through doors. The retailer should expose you to several options to choose from. The coop you choose will heavily be determined by the size (number) of your poultry, space you have and personal preferences. When looking for chicken coops, some of the things to evaluate include the following;

  • Sturdiness and durability – Chicken coops should settle steadily on the ground and withstand all kinds of wind and waves that hit it. If you are going for portable coops, you can check their weight and wheel system provided to make sure it works. Most coops are made of wood but also feature other materials including welded wires for aeration and iron sheep or plastic roofs. Ask questions about any quality guarantees and warranties provided for your coop. You can choose structures that have been treated for termites and other pests as well as finishing paint to protect the timber.Fox-proof chicken coop
  • Retailer reputation – Telling whether any given chicken coop is durable and ideal for your needs can be overwhelming especially since most models look fantastic when new. Reputation can help you gauge the level of quality a given retailer is known to offer. By looking through the reviews of past customers and their comments, you can tell if the coops will serve your needs or break down soon. If you notice many complaints and negative reviews, you should probably keep away from such retailers.
  • Customization opportunities – Although you can still find attractive chicken coops that are already finished and ready for use, you may want to customize your design. Some retailers only provide ready-made coops for customers in quick need of finished coops for their chicken. Others offer the opportunity to design from scratch with customer insights. You may have an idea about the materials and style to be used. Such opportunities will cost you extra money but are generally better as they give you full control over the quality of chicken coops you end up with.

There are other aspects to review such as size, material used, cost and quality guarantees among others. When selecting chicken coops, make sure you review all the above features before comparing cost. Once you have a few options that can provide top quality coops, go ahead and compare their costs. Not all expensive coops are necessarily of better quality, but most cheap coops will definitely exhibit various undesirable characteristics.

Where to find chicken coops

All-wood chicken coopFinding chicken coops is as easy as looking up businesses on your favorite browser, and the best place to start is here. Most retailers like Cocoon own professionally designed websites where they list attractive images and descriptions of their offers. From these sites, you can find more details about a particular chicken coop and lookup reviews from previous users. You can also make orders directly from the site and have the coop delivered to your doorsteps. Poultry forums and blogs can also recommend top coops although most such sites are dedicated to promoting a limited number of offers that may not always depict high quality. You should only choose credible licensed retailers who have been offering top quality chicken coops for a long time in the area and have a good reputation for the same.

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