Boca Raton Water Damage Restoration & Environmental Impact

Water damage restoration in Fort LauderdaleWater damage can be devastating. It can make your house inhabitable, and often strikes at the worst of times. Sometimes, the water damage may progress gradually until it finally blows up and becomes a crisis. You may ignore a leaking roof or a blocking toilet for weeks, until eventually the situation becomes unbearable. Having a reliable company to lean on in times like this can feel like a heaven- sent gift. That is why you need to establish a relationship with a reputable water damage repair company long before you get a water damage crisis at your home or business premises.

One such company is the United Restoration Team, which serves the Boca Raton area. The company is arguably the best in the area as it serves its customers to the best of its abilities and also takes environmental health in serious consideration with their operation.They are very cautious so as not to release contaminants into the environment during their water damage restoration processes.

In addition to having qualified professionals in its employ, the company also utilizes the best and most technologically advanced equipment to bring normality in to your home after water damage. The restoration services are carried out very meticulously, which explains the high customer satisfaction levels. The company offers a variety of water damage Boca Raton services, most of which revolve around repair, remediation and renovation.

The Restoration Process

One word that accurately describes the restoration process by the United Restoration Team is that it is thorough. No efforts are spared in the bid to restore your home to the state it was in before the water damage occurred. The restoration process begins the instant you contact United Restoration Team to help counter the effects of water damage. As soon as you inform the company of your problem, a team will be dispatched to your residence to help put the problem at bay. In order to help the agents settle on the best course of action to remedy your particular situation, you will be asked a few questions. It is important that you answer them as concisely as you can to help gauge the situation accurately.

When the agents arrive at your home, they will immediately begin to assess the situation. Logic dictates that they first put a permanent stop to the cause of the damage before all else. After the underlying cause of the water damage is dealt with, and then the water that is all over your house is assessed to determine whether or not it is a health risk. Whatever the outcome of the assessment is, rest assured that the able professionals will deal with it appropriately.

After assessment comes the cleaning of your house. Ordinary cleaning equipment is really of no help in the face of a water damage disaster. In light of this, United Restoration Team uses special pumps and vacuums among other equipment that will clean your home completely. Once the professionals are satisfied that your house is as clean as can be, they them move on to drying and dehumidifying it.

The drying process is carried out as thoroughly as the cleaning process, using the best and most effective equipment that is also environmentally safe. Dehumidifying is an intense process that rids your walls and floor of all the moisture that could be there. It is vital to the restoration process as it prevents the recurrence of problems caused by water damage. One such problem is that humid walls and floors pose a health risk for all those who inhibit that house, hence the need to rid them completely of water.

Boca Raton restoration crew

The final step of restoration is sanitizing the home. This is especially important if the root cause of the water damage caused some problems with your drainage system. Such problems would include overflowing sinks and toilets. In order to kill any dangerous microorganisms that pose a health risk, the restoration team uses antimicrobial treatments. These safeguard your home from the risk of being a fertile breeding ground for pathogens. Sanitizing also includes drying out furniture and the carpet. Special equipment is used for this purpose as well.


United Restoration Team is the ultimate water damage restoration company in water damage Boca Raton. They will help you get back to a clean and dry place all without harming the environment. You can contact the company at any time of day or night, as soon as you realize that you have a water damage crisis. With the company, you can rest assured that you will receive more than satisfactory services. In fact, once the professionals are through with your home, it will be difficult to tell that there was a water problem earlier on. Do not hesitate to contact the company the instant you discover any water problems in your home.

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